What’s Your Favorite MacBook?

Apple continues to renew its Macbook series. It made rapid entrance to the market with the new generation silicon-based M1 processors announced at the beginning of this year. Users well received the fastness and energy savings of the M1 processors . However, there were some problems besides its positive aspects. Perhaps the biggest of these problems was that many application software did not work with the M1 processor. Stating that they will solve this problem in a short time, the Apple team stated that software companies will also release updates suitable for the M1 processor.

Macbook pro used intel processors in its older versions. However, with M1 processors, from now on, Apple will only use M series ARM-based processors in Mac devices.

What are M series ARM processors?

M1 processors with Slicon based ARM processor structure have 8 core processors and a powerful GPU inside. This feature allows your computer to perform all operations faster on a single processor without the need for a secondary graphics card. The biggest advantage of M1 processors stands out as being fast and low energy consumption.

M1 CPU or Intel CPU?

Apple has used many versions of Intel processors up to the 9th generation on Mac devices. After the M1 processor Macbook and Mac mini were released, users began comparing devices with both processors. You can find these comparisons in many channels on youtube. In the tests, it is seen that the M1 processor works more efficiently and faster than the new generation intel processors with  high speed. This indicates that the M series processors will shake the market in the coming days.

What size devices are M1 series processors better?

The M series has only come to 13-inch Macbook pro and air models for now. In addition, it also came to Mac mini devices. Of course, MacBook pros are more preferred in terms of performance and case design. However, it is said that the MacBook Air model also works well and does not get hot at all. Mac mini models are also a nice and cheaper option for individuals who want to work with a monitor.

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    Macbook Pro or Air?

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    Which CPU? Macbook Intel vs. Macbook M1

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    • M1
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    Macbook Size? Do you prefer 13″, 15″ or 17″?

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