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Amazon introduced its new product, Airtag, last week. Airtag is a key chain that can be controlled over the phone and is used to find any item with a risk of loss. To buy an Airtag right now you have to pay $ 29 or $ 99 if you want to buy 4 units.

Keeping track of your belongings is now very easy. After that, you will not have to worry about lost an item. Meet the new Airtag, which you can attach to your bag, key ring and many other items. Our 7 suggestions for using Airtag are as follows:

1. Use as a keychain

Airtag as a keychain

When Airtag was first announced, it was launched to be used as a key chain. Especially when we look at the structure of the model, the keychain structure is dominant and many people state that you have ordered for it. In addition, many case designs seem to have been developed on key rings.

2. Use in your bag

Airtag in a bag

If you carry your bag with you all the time and you are afraid that it will be lost, you can easily solve this problem with an Airtag. Moreover, it provides you with protection against theft, thanks to an airtag that you will put an eye on in your bag.

3. Use for your Pets

Use Airtag for a Dog

You have a pet and you cannot risk it getting lost. Of course, the disappearance of a cat or dog is very upsetting to the owners, but you can also eliminate this problem with Airtag. Attach the Airtag keychain to your pet’s collar or get a special collar developed for Airtag to eliminate the risk of getting lost.

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