7+ Stunning Case for Airtag

Airtag is a device for finding your lost items easily. Airtag, which can be used as a small keychain, works with the application on your iPhone device. Airtag, which you have attached to any item, shows you where your belongings are with the help of bluetooth and GPS via the find my app application. You can also run the application with Siri.

Airtag works with Bluetooth and also has NFC technology. When you search for your lost item, your phone will give a voice response and show you the location. With any Airtag, you can eliminate the risk of losing your bag, luggage or key chain. Moreover, since Airtag has a small size, you can easily place it where you want it.

Cases produced for use in daily life by Airtag have recently become popular. Now we have compiled 7 best selling covers for you.

1. Anti-Scratch Protective Skin Cover with Keychain Compatible with AirTags 2021 (Yellow)

Yeloow case for Airtag
The leather Airtag with a great design and color is a highly preferred case model. It is a useful product that you can use as a keychain and attach to many items, especially bags.

2. Grehod Portable Case for AirTag Key Wallet Finder

Black Case for airtag

Since the color of the Airtag device is silver gray, a black keychain case can look quite stylish. While being a silicone cover makes it light, it is made of a very useful and durable material.

3. AirTag Case with Strap, Secure Holder Protective Cover for Air Tag 

Pink case for Airtag

A pink Airtag cover is the model that women prefer frequently. It can be hand-held or attached to keys so that they do not get lost and can be used for many more purposes.

4. DamonLight Upgrade Case for AirTag Key Finder Phone Finder (Soft Colors)

Slicon case for Airtag

These different colored Airtag sheaths, which are also produced from silicone material, are frequently preferred by both men and women.

5. Orzero Alloy Metal Case Compatible for AirTag – Black, Gold

Black/Gold Metal Case for Airtag

For those who want a more stylish and luxurious Airtag case, here are two great examples … 2 metal Airtag case designs in black and gold yellow look very stylish. This model is adorned with Swarovski stones and can be used for women.

6. DamonLight PU Leather Case for AirTag Finder

White Airtag Case

For those who love simplicity, here is a wonderful Airtag key ring made of leather material. Durable leather material, color and simplicity make it high on the bestseller list.

7. Anti-Scratch Protective Skin Cover with Keychain, White

White Slicon Airtag Case

Again, a white Airtag case, but this time silicone was used as the material. However, it is a very stylish and durable product.

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