15 of the most beautiful short hairstyles in pastel colors

With spring we see a lot of pastel and beautiful colors here lining the shelves in stores. These gorgeous colors are soft and really help portray the time of year we are in right now. So climb into the line of pastel colors and try a fun pastel color in your hair. Pastel hair is a great way to show off your personal style and will turn heads in an instant because it’s just too beautiful not to stare.

Here are 35 of our favorite hairstyles in pastel shades.

1. Soft pinky

Enhance your pixie cut by adding a soft mix of purples, blues, yellows, and pinks to your hair.

2. Mint vibes

Combine some of your favorite soft greens and blues and layer a little silver over them for a minty vibe.

3. Cotton candy

This mix of yellow, pink, and blue will make your spiked pixie look amazing.

4. Soft pink

If you’re scared of going too wild, try a delicate pink.

5. Blue wave

A soft blue with a cool cut is the best way to show off your new look.

6. Get funky

Grow out your pixie long and add sections of your favorite color everywhere.

7. Opal Bob

This opal bob combines blues, purples and soft greens for a mermaid look.

8. Unicorn Bob

This bob gives off unicorn vibes with its greens, purples, and pinks.

9. Blushing

A blushing hair color is very popular right now and is perfect to try out.

10. Frose

Your wavy rag looks amazing with this like pink color.

11. Purple dreams

A pastel purple is a great color to show off your new style.

12. Purple magic

Create a spell with different shades of purple in your hair.

13. Magenta

This beautiful and soft magenta color screams to be put on your head.

14. Mandarin

Embrace a little tangerine in your life.

15. Pastel party

The mix of blues, purples, and pinks in this color will instantly bring a party to your hair.

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